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Our History

Colonia Free Zone is an area of the national territory managed by private company Grupo Continental Zona Franca S.A., which on March 24th 1994 obtained the concession of the Colonia Free Zone through a local and international public tender.
Here, it is possible to conduct all types of industrial, commercial or service activities under a legal regime of tax and customs exemptions and other important benefits.

Zona Franca Colonia is a modern international park of 22 hectares with a built area of 130.000 square meters with 22-meter wide internal roads and parking areas, in which several commercial and industrial activities are carried out. It includes industries, logistics and business developments which have been driving economic projects for the region in a dynamic and consolidated manner.
Its infrastructure was designed to fully meet the requirements of high-level international companies.

Zona Franca Colonia aims to boost the regional growth, foster investments, broaden imports, increase the use of local labor and promote international integration based on the existing infrastructure, which incorporates the systems of air, road and sea transportation as well as basic and communication services, convening the best resource of Grupo Continental Zona Franca S.A.: its Human Resource.
Since its privatization, Colonia Free Zone has experienced a strong process of internal restructuring, which involved a significant change in infrastructure and in the services provided.

The success of the operations compels us to build new facilities; our most important objective is to provide more and better services to our users, through the expansion of modern infrastructure and technology.

This is the most authentic path that we have set ourselves, a result of the hard work and sacrifice of many people, to create a Free Zone integrated within the Mercosur framework, and to position ourselves as a gate to this trade bloc.

Thanks for joining us!
Grupo Continental Zona Franca S.A.

Certified Quality

At Colonia Free Zone we comply with the strict standards required to obtain UNIT-ISO 9001 certification, which ensures our clients that we offer guaranteed quality.


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